About Us

Who We Are:
We are an end-to-end M2M solutions provider that is committed to a Green future for humanity. We are delivering on our promise by creating environment friendly leading-edge M2M solutions that help our customers improve their processes and cut down their GHG emissions.

Radius has been operating in the M2M technology space since 1998.
We believe in dramatically leveraging the M2M platform for creating and delivering disruptive end-to-end ICT solutions. Our solutions scale across multiple silos and professionally orchestrate next-generation scenarios to bring our customers the latest in cutting-edge technology.

We have pioneered several ground breaking products in the sphere of energy management to enable our customers to pursue an environment friendly, responsible, and futuristic lifestyle. The total commitment of Radius to a green environment is reflected in the thinking of the top management of the company, which has framed several internal policies in support of these values. This philosophy stands behind the series of ground-breaking energy management and information communication technology products, which are being marketed across diverse geographies.

Radius’s first initiative, Power Management Solution (PMS) is a smart meter system, which was introduced in 1998. Ten years later governments realized the importance of this futuristic technology, and efforts are on now in developed countries such as the USA and the UK to make it a mandatory requirement. Another disruptive initiative of Radius, NANO introduced in 2008, is patented across 26 countries. It is a subscription-based model allowing access to FTTH technology without incurring heavy CAPEX costs by customers, and has increased subscribers’ network and energy efficiency manifold times.

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